1. For caricature drawings done through the mail Bob obviously works from photographs. Mailing Bob your photo works best. Bob has worked from e-mailed pictures, but prefers actual photographs that he can use right at his drawing board. Your photos will be returned along with the caricature drawing. Please use only good, clear, sharp photos. They are much easier to work from. Distant pictures make it nearly impossible to see the detail that Bob likes to put in his caricature drawings. Remember…THE BETTER THE PHOTOGRAPH, THE BETTER THE CARICATURE DRAWING!

2. The turnaround time can be as quick as you need it to be! If you need it done the same day, Bob will try to find a way! If you can, please plan ahead and try to give Bob at least a couple of days, if at all possible.

3. The BASIC sizes you see above are just for you to be able to order without having to ask any questions. Normally, a single face will be on a 5”x7” piece of paper and a full body will be drawn larger on an 8”x10” piece. If you want two people’s faces, Bob can draw them on a 5”x7” or to make the faces a little bigger, he’ll use an 8”x10”. The same is true if you want two full body caricatures on one piece. Bob will draw them on a bit larger paper, maybe 11”x14”. But again, if you prefer, he’ll draw two on an 8”x10”. He has drawn five faces before on a 5”x7” and several full bodies on an 8”x10”. If you don't have a specific size you want, Bob will draw your caricature drawing on the size that works and looks best, based on what you want in the picture.

4. The prices are based on each person drawn. In other words, one 5”x7” color face would be $20. If you want two people's faces the price would be $40. Three would be $60. The same is true with full body caricature drawings. One full body in color is $40 and two would be $80. However, the shipping charges only apply once. If you order ten 5”x7” individual caricature drawings, the shipping is still only $3.00.


5. Please include a color photograph for a color caricature drawing. For a black and white caricature drawing the photo can be color OR black and white. Please indicate the person’s eye color. Often you can’t see the color of eyes, even in a color photo.

6. If you want a more elaborate caricature drawing, with multiple props, such as a car or a house in the background or pets, etc., etc., etc., e-mail or call Bob. These caricature drawings will be priced individually. Bob can do anything you want, and the prices are always reasonable, but more elaborate caricature drawings need to be priced individually.

7. Payment and postage charges must accompany your order. Foreign customers will have to e-mail Bob with your mailing address, as every country will be a different mailing price.

8. Be sure to include your return address, so Bob will know where to send the finished caricature drawing, and a phone number where Bob can call you if he needs more information.

9. You may pay with personal checks, money orders or cash. Personal checks must clear the bank before Bob sends out the caricature drawing, so they will take longer to get back.

If you have any questions about ordering a caricature drawing, please don’t hesitate to call Bob at his studio.
The phone number is 913-432-3199

Mail your order to Bob’s studio at this address:
Bob Bliss • 2804 West 74th Street • Prairie Village, KS • 66208-3223 • USA